Anchor Metal Wall Decor 52Cm X 35Cm Marine And Nautical

Anchor Metal Wall Décor (52cm x 35cm), Marine and Nautical Wall Art

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This is most beautiful model of Anchor Metal Décor (52cm x 35cm), Marine and Nautical Art


Anchor Metal Décor (52cm x 35cm), nautical and nautical art, outdoor and garden decorations, idea to decorate the walls of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio and even your garden. The anchor sign looks perfect on this matte black metallic wall and the nautical theme will add elegance to your wall. Ideal for outdoor use as it is coated with an electrostatic rust-resistant powder coating. Simply hang it on your patio wall and see how it transforms into a more beautiful place. Material: 1.5mm steel, color: textured