52 Pcs Food Storage Container Set Rubbermaid Container Kitchen Decor

52 pcs food storage container set, rubbermaid container Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

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This is most beautiful model of 52 pcs food container , rubbermaid container

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Set of 52 Food Containers (Set of 26 Containers) – This is one of the largest sets you can find on the market in a wide variety of sizes. 4 pcs – 0.33oz (0.01L each) 6pcs – 16.9oz (0.5L each) 6pcs – 30.4oz (0.9L) 6pcs – 40.5oz (1.2L) 2pcs – 67.6oz (2.0L) 2 containers – 84.5oz (2.5L each) Better Organization, Better Food Closed Dry Food Container with Innovative Interchangeable Lid One Lid Fits All Containers, Freezer Safe, Modular Space-saving Design at a Glance: – 26 different si